Friday, September 11, 2009

Potato Yellow Vein Disease

Potato Yellow Vein Disease is common in some countries in South America. It is apparently caused by a virus transmitted by the whitefly Trialeurodes vaporariorum.

Symptoms of Potato Yellow Vein Disease

Soon after infection, bright yellowing of minor veins (tertiary) is evident.
As potatoes disease progresses, secondary veins and leaf lamina become yellow, usually leaving primary veins green.
Stunting or weakness of the plants have not been detected, but tuber yield can be reduced by 50%.
Secondarily affected potatoes plants show vein yellowing right after emergence.


Attempts to control the vector by pesticide applications have led to an increase in disease incidence because populations of natural biological control are affected.

Elimination of infected potato plants in and around fields, as well as weeds such as Solanum nigrum and Lycopersicon sp., reduces sources of infection.

The practice of interplanting beans with potatoes should be avoided because populations of the vector increase in beans.

Planting seed potatoes produced in areas where the disease does not occur also prevents having sources of infection for the potato crop.

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